Plants and Pots Select Shop 【 mimono 】 a lovely shop in Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture



Hi ヽ (* ´ turn ')


I wrote this blog before, Mr. Matsumoto Fual Beauty Salon

"If you're going that way, please go and try it ´."

It said and decided to go because I got a business card!


I didn't plan to go there.Lol


I'm not going to go because Matsumoto says it's interesting!



Select Shop of plants and pots "Mimono"


Running along Route No. 47, it is here to appear and think about it soon


Saitama Prefecture Kumagaya City plant and pot Select shop Mimono


What is the first person to see this!



First of all, I thought it was a guy with Kakashi's evolutionary system.Lol


The recent kakashi has evolved.



You will arrive as soon as you turn along this route 47!




Saitama Prefecture Kumagaya City plant and pot Select shop Mimono



Ah Ah

Oh, my God!


I forgot to take a picture of the front.


It was so nice!!!



I think that I will let you quote from the blog of Mimono here.Excuse me.


The front wall was a splendid tile roof, but it was done by removing it, painting it, writing the blueprint, and designing it.


I heard that your wife can write a blueprint or something.Amazing right!



It is such a wall which can become gentle feelings.


Source: Mimono Official Blog > Thank you for your mimono.




Really nice.


It's the best place to do it yourself!!!





If I build a house someday, I want to incorporate the wood chip.


When I stopped my heavy bicycle in the parking lot, I found something intriguing!


I was doing unlimited wood chip!


A select shop of plants and pots selling wood chips Mimono


There is a place which is paved when this wood chip enters in Mr. Mimono, but it is very good feeling.


You say it's kind or funny, but it's a good feeling.


It looks good.Good drainage.The weed does not grow either.

You can also enjoy the natural scent of wood.


It doesn't fit in a bag!I want more!

People like to deliver a lot of wood chips in the truck.



Mr. Komatsubara, the manager


That?You don't have anyone?Everyone was there when advancing to the back while hovering.




And when I assault, Mr. Komatsubara, the manager of the business card politely gave me a guide to Mimono.


Mimono shop manager Komatsubara of plant and pots


Komatsubara-San said that former was doing a nursery school nurse.

The reason why I started here is that the room I used to borrow has a three-mat garden, and when I happen to grow a hibiscus, "It's good!"I thought.


After that, the three-mat garden was filled with potted plants.


He has a talent for nurturing.


I was a nursery worker, and that's a talent.

It might be a good papa.



The change that plants grow up is fun.The flower blooms, the fruit becomes it, and it eat!


He told me that the origin of the name Mimono from the real thing.

I'm a oosah and a place to look.I was caught without permission like.Lol


Mr. Komatsubara was friendly, kind, funny and talked a lot.

He was like a Buddha.


You were enlightened.Lol


I thought that the life which lived naturally in such a country was wonderful, too.




I'm free to do this.

And such

Five minutes, my family.

And such

If you don't give up, your wish will come true

And such


It is feeling that wife is gentle, and a smile is a nice person, and it becomes a good married couple by envy already.


I felt like a happy aura.


It's like being in the same space makes me happy.


It is sure to make delicious fruits if the plant that these people grow up.


I envy the plants that are already here.That's the level.Lol




Mimono Plants


There is a space in the building where you can relax with tape and chairs.


There are many kinds of plants, and each one has various shapes.

It is very interesting to watch even if you are not interested in plants.


The concept of plants is ' easy to grow ' and ' rare '!


There are many kinds of plants select shop Mimono


Plant Shop Mimono Relax slowly



I think the photograph is back again.


It is really beautiful!


Plants are also so, but the lighting.


I heard that you like the interior of the Scandinavian wife, it is a sense indeed!


is dry flower suspended from the top?



Select Shop Mmimono too stylish



A beautiful plant Select shop Mimono in Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture

A shop with good sense plants and pots in Kumagaya, Saitama Mimono


The placement is too fantastic!


Nice ヽ (* ´ turn ')



And, there were a lot of real things in Mimono.


I had forgotten the lemon and the name, but there were a small apple, a chocolate late berry, and a lot of other plants with a rare pleasant fruit from me.


An apple in a select shop of plants and pots

Chocolate Late-lee


You have grown up beautifully.


There are other sunflowers in bloom, so you can feel the summer


100 years old?The leaves of the trees have a nice atmosphere.


Flower Sunflower Feel Summer


A hundred-year-old maple tree



What is it?


A place that really makes you feel better.

I think I can relax and feel a day.


It becomes such a feeling when various plants are around neatly so much!

I noticed for the first time.


I'm sure it will convey only photos.




A bowl of Mimono


The Mimono is a shop specializing in the pot though the plant is so.


Of course, there were various patterns and pots of plants.


When Komatsubara a three-mat garden full of potted plants, it seems to have noticed that there is only a white or brown bowl, so I thought that I would make a shop specializing in pots because there was not a shop specializing in the pot even if I examined it.


There is only a guy who can imagine the classic bowl surely when it is said so.



Select Shop Mimono Specializing in pots


Mimono shop specializing in plant pots


Oh, yeah!

So what?!!


I noticed now!


I noticed the photograph carefully now.


That's why it looks so beautiful!

I noticed it now.Lol


Please imagine!

If this is the same classic bowl, I'm not looking so smartly and neatly well.


The plant has its own personality.

There is individuality in the pot.

A plant and a bowl are combined together.


Really nice


The pots of plants are too nice.


It seems to have dealings with the restaurant and various stores in the pot and the plant set.


Something, I have come to want normally.Lol




Mimono's share field Yabe agricultural greenery


There is a field in the Mimono!

It is said that it is a share field, and the field is borrowed for each row.


There was a field which had been neatly arranged, and the field where the weed was made to be made to compete, and to make it strong.

Here you can learn about organic farming and the knack of making fields organically.


On the second Sunday of every month, there is a workshop for teachers ' Yabe Agriculture green '.



Organic agricultural chemicals in Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture


I was able to meet Yabe farmer Green teacher after this by chance, but is very friendly and this is a teacher of the field?It was so refreshing and bright teacher.


I was surprised to say that the teacher is a permanent culture.

Persistence, sustainable culture and agriculture!

In other words, Komatsubara is making the world's smallest nation!!!





They could only be heard lightly, but their food, for example, would be in the field or in the trees to secure food, and the tree would be responsible for protecting the house from the wind.

Their excrement is used as fertilizer, and water is drawn from nature.

Is it an idea like self-sufficiency if I say plainly?


It's just a story that's really intriguing,

I want you to see the children.

It said.


That's what I want people to visit.



I've been able to ask you a lot of things that I didn't know since I came to Mimono, and the amount of information in the past few hours is odd.Lol


Cherry tomato


I want to try!Let's start as a hobby?

If you are interested,



Please let me know in detail if you can contact us!




Beside the vegetable field,

By opening the middle, you can easily grow and harvest,

A key hole garden shaped like a keyhole that becomes a path of wind



It is possible to create various environmental conditions in a flower bed.

Spiral Garden with an upsurge in the center

There was a flower bed using the technique of saying.


Spiral Garden Permanent Culture


Is the person who thought of this a genius?


Surprise that there was such a technique!

The world I do not know.


Mimono Cafe


There is also a café in the Mimono.

I sell coffee, a big blow, and an original drink.


There were also accessories and glass crafts.

The elder sister who makes a drink is making it, and it is very beautiful.


Eventually, he told me that he wanted to have his own workshop.


All the people here are very nice people.


Glass Crafts sold to Mimono


Mimono, Kumagaya, Saitama


If I didn't go on a trip, I wanted to buy this too!Lol


It's a fine art!


Too nice!


It is worth coming to see.




The best plant shop I've ever lived


It's almost two hours.I 、、、to disturb you.


Thank you for your polite guide,

I would like to thank you for having a great lunch and having a nice talk.


Best Select Shop Mimono


I gave you a charm on the way back.

I'm so happy!!!



The Amulet of the Japan round Chilansia


Thank you so much.



And here in Mimono, where one community is able

It was a fulfilling time for people who have never met or heard stories they didn't know about.


If you are not interested in plants, the feeling of becoming accustomed to liking it is the shop which becomes radiant.



When I was in Tokyo, I had a chance to hear stories from many florists and managers.


This is my first time.


Did you enter this shop?



It's not just a beautiful plant.


I felt very loving and nurturing.


It's a really nice place.



At first I was wondering whether to go or not, but I thought it was good to go from the very heart.

It is a place that makes you think so.


"Select Shop of Plants and pots" mimono, Kumagaya, Saitama



I'm going to bother you again when you come back!


Please stop by by all means if you pass the near!


Select Shop Mimono of the pots and the real thing


471-1 Chiyo, Kumagaya-shi, Saitama, 〒 360-0107

Opening Hours: 10:00 ~ 17:00

Closed on Thursdays and Fridays

Instagram is doing Facebook too!


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