The story which had an emotional encounter and the experience when climbing to Mt. Fuji alone at night (part2)




Germany People's e-fans and Captain Karen, and I show Takamiya


Is this the strongest three people who have been climbing for the first time in two hours?



Why is the E-fan so fluent in English?




I thought so.



I'm an e-fan?Speak English.  Why? Study? "


Maybe if you ask me like this, did you understand?


E-Fan "Germany Elementary school students?Since then, everyone is studying!That's why I speak English.


I "Ormiger (゜ д ゜)"


I wanted to be born Germany person, too.


Isn't English a kind of universal language?


I think that it should be a compulsory subject at the time of compulsory education when Japan is small.


It is a mystery why the Japan of developed countries cannot learn English from elementary school students.


Oh, maybe now I have to learn from elementary school.


I don't know.Lol



Anyway, there's so much to ask


I can't hear it because it's not good to say impatience!



Don't say a word,

I turn my brain without full rotation and evoke memory!


But it doesn't come out at all.Really frustrating.


Why didn't I study more?


I was really sympathy.



When you have a conversation with a foreign person, you can speak Japanese.


I was still speaking English than I am now.


In the country of Japan

The language inconvenience

I had never felt such a thing before.


I want to be able to speak English.


I honestly thought so for the first time.



Still, e-fan spoke kindly to me, a poor of English.



Captain Karen.


"Germany is the Oktoberfest festival, the biggest festival in Germany!」


And told me about Germany.




But I'm a fool



Me, oh, October?Let's keep it…


The Voice of My HeartLet's go with that strategy!」


I "January Jones, Februaly, March, April 、、、"


The Voice of my Heart "OK!This strategy is the strongest!We're going!」


Me, mae, Jun, Jurai 、、、、、ju, Jurai?」






I forgot about this place!!!!!







Yes, because it is the head of elementary school or less, I forget in the apt.


Oh no, it is something that does not come out unexpectedly.



And then, as I said, Yee-Juan and Karen opened their mouths a little further.


"August, September,,,"




I, E-fan, Karen







This is Nannan.


It's so much fun!



The country I was born in, the words I use are different

There was a wonderful way to cooperate with each other toward one goal.Lol



Still a few minutes since we met


Honestly, I don't understand the conversation correctly.


But let's tell!Feeling

The feelings that we thought of each other really struck us.



The last ordeal


And, it came to about 30 minutes to the peak.


There are a lot of people around!

The loneliness of the first start is scary but a lie as if a person remy!


It is too crowded and does not advance at all!


Walk one step, stop walking one step,

The road is already not called the road and it climbs in the rocky place.


It's really hard to reach the top of the mountain.


Everyone is in spicy silence


And with the break of the rock, E-fans and Karen and I take a little rest.



E-fans put on their backpack and sat down.


Two people were eating something like calorie mate.


Ganbare!It's almost over!

I said in my mind.


I don't know English.Lol


And, I feel that the fan is quite tired 、、、





And when the fans look at me, they do this.



I'm good, so go ahead.Maybe he won't be in time for sunrise.



What a scene like this drama.


To the unscrupulous, I thought so.



What a good boy this child is!



And I noticed it now.








You mean this?



Do you want to go to the top by all sunrise?



Excuse me.


It is natural.



It climbs at night for the purpose of only me to take the night view and the star while climbing by everyone's going.



I'm not out of my place!!!Lol




So I said.



No no no NO! I, Star, Nightvew


Captain Karen "Sunrise not important?」


Yes, yes!Not Important!」



I had to say that to a 19-year-old girl, apologetic.


I've enjoyed climbing together.


I want to climb to the end!


That's all I really need!



And when I do that, I suddenly look down


The night view was really beautiful.


A night view from a place more than 3,000 meters high.



But at this time, the photograph was very good.


The despair of cracking the lens




I want to take a picture!

I was primary it.


I met an e-fan and Karen.


These three people want to reach the top of the mountain!


That was the only thing I had in mind.



Then we finish the last break and walk out.



The mountain was not sweet.


You're climbing three people in the crowd.


It is often crowded, and because the road is narrow, it is likely to enter in time.


I'm going to get separated from captain Karen.



And the person between me and e-fan,


E-Fan was walking in front of me, so I didn't notice.



Catch well soon!


About one person.



However, it will be entered from next to next


I finally didn't even know where the E-fan is.



The only thing I know is that I'm the very last.


I got away with e-fans and Captain Karen and went back alone.



I thought it was a little while ago but it was really cold.

I can't stop shivering.


A T-shirt with a Shinen-length shirt in a place over 3400 meters in altitude


As you can see, I'm the only one dressed like this.



I just got separated from the others.


Put on your jacket for now!


As soon as you put on your batting jacket, your body temperature will recover!



And soon it will walk out as well, but it won't proceed at all!


Ask!Let me go fast!




Yes, I wish to God


Everyone here is coming to see sunrise from the beginning.


They all feel the same!

It is not necessary to trouble the circumference by being impatient, and endure!


There was no choice but to leave the line.



It's bright around


The rocky road, the people's faces and clothes were clearly visible.



People sit to give up here and there


Like hell


Is this the severity of Mt. Fuji?


Gazing at the great view

It was attacked by the emptiness which cannot be said.


Fuji Climbing Sunrise



A little more to the top!


If you reach your hand, it's so far away!





And I was sunrise in five minutes to the top of the mountain.



This is sunrise.


For all of this.


I want to come up such a hard road



The person who gave up on the way


I'm leaving.


The person who had said a little earlier


Everyone faces the same moment

You should have thought the same thing.



Most people don't turn their heads because they are tired.


The light of the sunrise comes straight in such a State,




All the people in the place thought so.


Sunrise from the top of Mt. Fuji

Sunrise from the top of Mt. Fuji







Take a deep breath once.

I will go to the top of the mountain right now.


Can't you see the crowd with Karen?






We'll be arriving at the summit soon.


Suspicious is exactly this.

Just to say


Kyorokyoros kyorokyoros Kyorokyoros Kyorokyoros Kyorokyoros Kyorokyoros



The Kyoro-chan of the chocolate ball is already surprised.


Kyorokyoros kyorokyoros Kyorokyoros Kyorokyoros Kyorokyoros Kyorokyoros


I have become a completely eccentric, but I can't find it at all.



Because the afterall people are Sungoi!



And even if you say the top, WIDE Summit!!!


Russia here!Like to say!


Mt. Fuji Peak

Surprisingly wide Mt. Fuji Peak



I can't see you anymore, eh?


Let's water from the vending machine for the time being!


I buy it without worrying about 400 yen a bottle at all.



Comin', I didn't eat anything for 24 hours since yesterday afternoon.

I was climbing Mt. Fuji with a bottle of water of 500ml.



And the moment I tried to make a purse!!!




If you look at the voice

Do you have a handsome brother?


Who is this?


Russia spies?


What a surprise.





Handsome "No, no!VSDHBGVSKHV "



I don't know what you're talking about.


You are a Christian, Captain Karen's husband.

I thought that it was captain Karen's husband.



I'm the one who gave piste when you go!Oh!」


Handsome, no!Oh, Japanese okay?」


Me?Do you speak Japanese?」


You were the person who had climbed up together until a while ago, right?」


I "E-fan and Captain Karen!」


Handsome "Two people were looking for you.I was told to look for it.Please try to go to the top of that!」


Yes, yes!Is that true?There?Are you around?Ten cue!!!」



The miracle that Japanese Perapelaichemen has found me a rainy day


But why did they find me, who never met?


It's great to find people with just a few words to explain!


Is that characteristic?I.





I'll see you two again!


I can not stop grinning at the feeling of being super happy!!!



Laugh while walking on one mountain


The best excitement!!!



Like Kyoro-chan!


Find two people!





Not at all?


Are you in the back?On the other side?




And I think!!!


The most expensive place in the area!!!



I finally discovered two people!!!



Wow Ah oh Ah!!!


The smile is spilled unintentionally!




I "E Fan!!!Captain Karen!!!」



An inspiring reunion!!!



I thought "I can't see you anymore, but there's a handsome brother over there."


Maybe I was talking Japanese.Lol



I'm so glad to see you again.


I was almost crying.




My goal was only here.





E-Fans and Karen and


I want to reach the top!



At first, I decided to climb Fuji for the first time with a night view and a star

Start with a bite to spare from where no one is!


I split the new lens on the way, and the captain of the current encounter with the withered


I have climbed a hard road.



Mt. Fuji is many times what I have imagined, and tens is a harsh mountain.


including myself

I've seen a lot of people suffering.


I was desperate to crack the lens.


My body was very tired.





Two people I met a few hours ago brought me here.


I don't know if I was alone or maybe I was down.



What are you happy about?


Even if I'm away


I was really happy that the two of them were looking for me.




I'm an e-fan and Karen










It is difficult for all to communicate with the difference.




But such a thing.

It doesn't matter at all.



It is the road which has climbed aiming at one thing by three people.


A way to help each other and have a pleasant walk.




I might not know the words because I'm an idiot, but


The feeling of encouraging each other


The feeling that has been supported


Before my feet, they made my feelings go forward.



Between us.

There was a bond like a family.




Now, from the top of the mountain


With e-fans and Captain Karen


The scenery we're looking at together


I will never forget it.



To this mysterious fellow


To the person who does not understand English


Thank you for being so kind.







As I remember, I said!



Let's take a picture!」


The best photograph taken while basking in the morning sun on the far above the cloud





When I climbed Mt. Fuji for the first time by myself, the best meeting was waiting for me.





When I climbed Mt. Fuji for the first time by myself, the best meeting was waiting for me.



And I use a Google translation machine


When I tell my feelings today



Captain Karen


"When you come to our city, we welcome you as a guest!」


It was translated Japanese I do not know a little well, I was happy in such a feeling.





"SNS or something?What's up?」



What's up? What's that, greetings?lol



It was the same app as the line said in the Japan of the world who looked after in the future.


I should have done an instant install at that time.Lol



I did not seem to know all the SNS I'm doing, E fan


"Tell me the address?I'm still in Japan for two weeks, but I'll send you an email when I get back to Germany.I'll send you an absolute.」


It says the very glad thing.


I'm very impressed.



I typed the address on E-Fan's cell phone.

I was very anxious about the mistake later.Lol



It was cool to pierce the eyebrows when I saw the E-fan in a bright place.


And it was nice hair!



We shook hands with three people.


Then we went to the place where Germany tourist group gathered together,


You talked to Japanese with a handsome brother Yannis.


I went down the mountain.


Descend Mt. Fuji




It takes about three hours to descend.

In the first meeting, I met up with the Obligato group and hugged

I had fun and went to the mountain while talking about various things.


Mr Silva seems to be climbing Mt. Fuji about 250 times.Surprised!


Mt. Fuji climbing with impressive encounters



I felt happy until the end.


I am very thankful for many encounters.




At last


There were a lot of things that I felt when I climbed Mt. Fuji for the first time.


Do not underestimate Mt. Fuji


that Mt. Fuji is a wonderful place.


But I do not want to convey such a thing in my blog.



What is the splendor of Mt. Fuji

Because everyone understands when I climb it.


The scenery is also so.


Take a picture. What are you talking about?Although you may think


It looks a hundred times more beautiful to see with my own eyes than to see in the photograph.


Sea of clouds seen from Mt. Fuji



What I want to tell you is


If you climb Mt. Fuji, you may not be able to enjoy such a wonderful experience.



But you can't experience anything without climbing.


When I was at that moment


Let's climb Mt. Fuji!


That's why I made that decision.


The wonderful people that I met because I climbed it


I was able to experience things I had never forgotten.



I think there are a lot of people in the world who think

This is all I can say.



First, try it!



Not to mention why you can't.


I want you to try it for the time being.



Things of interest


wanted to do that


It doesn't matter how old you are.


If not, I will only get older.



But at the end of the challenge

You may succeed or fail.


I don't know if it will be a painful time or a hard time.



But if you don't try it, you can't succeed or fail.


After all, without knowing anything

The time of life goes by.


Lye not?


It's only a one-time life.



Someone said that.


Because there is a difficult time

I can smile!What.



The hotness and the pain will always be the first


The day when you can smile is coming.





There are people who can meet because they are working hard.


There is a person who admits.


There is a person who reaches out the hand.



Like a meeting with E-fans and Karen

There may be a wonderful meeting you never thought of.


You may be able to experience the life you will never forget.



But that's all.

It was born just because I tried.


First try to do!


I want many people to have a heart to challenge.




And I want to tell this to my friend who is working hard now.


Are you reading?Lol



My friend used to say this.


What are you going to do?


It's quite difficult.


I don't know if my answer is right.

Or maybe it's not the answer.

I think it's going to be a step forward.


I don't know.



Just recklessly!


If you put your power to the

Even if it was not good

You don't have any regrets, do you?

I think.



In the words of Mr. Shuzo Matsuoka


"Risking the life in one place!!!"」


This is it!Lol




It's a bit of a story.


I was really able to look back and have the best experience.


I'm an e-fan, Captain Karen, who went with me the hard way.

Thank you so much.


My life.

I will not forget today.








Everyone, please.

If you have not climbed Mt. Fuji yet, please try climbing.


The best scenery is always waiting at the top of the mountain.


The scenery alone is impressive.



And everyone who read such a long blog to the end


Thank you so much.


Thank you for your next blog (ヾ (´ ω ')


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