Mt. Fuji, Japan's tallest mountain, the first mountain climbing Japan attractions!Attention point, route, period, etc. summary





Shaw Takamiya (.◕ ‿ ◕.)





It's the best!!!


A Wonderful world!!!



As you can see from the title,

Mt. Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan

I want to talk about the first mountain climbing.


It was really the best place.

It was a lifetime memory!




Mt. Fuji, World Cultural Heritage


Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Shizuoka Prefecture and Yamanashi Prefecture Japan across, and it is existence that everyone knows if it is Japanese.

Altitude 3776 m!


Not only the Japanese, but also overseas Japan is famous as associated with Mt. Fuji.


It has been selected Japan three mountains

When I went to Mt. Fuji, I noticed

It is registered as the 13th World Cultural Heritage in Japan on June 22, 2013.


There was a lot of garbage and it wasn't registered as a World Heritage site.

I used to do it in the news, but as far as I climbed it was not found garbage.


Because there was a fundraising activity of the Fuji Mountain Conservation Cooperation money in the fifth of Mt. Fuji, I felt that the cleaning etc. were done well.



But the manners of the tourists who come to the climbing may have improved.

I would rather believe that.


This is because I saw a number of foreign tourists who were firmly in their backpack at the top of their bags.

Each and every one of them is going to make sightseeing spots a better place.


I was secretly moved.



-Example of utilization of Fuji Mountain Conservation cooperation money

  • Environmental protection

Natural environment protection, toilet environment, etc.

  • Safety of climbers

Helmet goggles lending, safety guidance, safety management, guidance, etc.

  • Climber Support

Foreign interpreters, relief stations, information provision, etc.


If you want to know the details because there was a fundraising site and check here please


Mt. Fuji World Heritage Site > Mt. Fuji Conservation cooperation funds




Climbing route of Mt. Fuji


Climb Mt. Fuji!That said, Mt. Fuji has four main routes and each founder period.


Founder Route schedule for 2018


  • Yoshida Route: July 1-September 10
  • Gotemba Route: July 10-September 10
  • Route: July 10-September 10
  • Fujinomiya Route July 10-September 10
There seems to be some back and forth depending on the year.
The most vacant is Gotemba route, but the distance to the top is longer than the other route.
We recommend the Yoshida route which is crowded but has access and facilities.

There is a direct bus service from Shinjuku in Tokyo every day during the period.

Weekends are crowded, so let's go on weekdays!


When we go on Saturdays and Sundays, we can see Doraemon, Pikachu, and foreigners who dress up as Samurai!Lol

I wanted to meet you too!!!



Getting to Mt. Fuji


I think you often go to Mount Fuji on a tour of a travel agency, but you can go with your own car.

You can also go by train, bus or other means of transportation.


It is a toll road, and there is a period when the climbing season of 7.8 may not be able to pass of a private car by saying that it is a car regulation.
It is usually from July 10 to August 31.Closed 24 hours.


If you use the bus,

Please check it from this site.

It is available in English, Chinese and Japanese!


Kyuko Bus


During the season, it is very convenient because there is a special bus that runs directly from Shinjuku to the fifth joint of Fuji Subaru Line!




Precautions for Climbing Fuji


I'm going to climb Mt. Fuji!

is not there an image that seems to be climbed easily even for something?


I'm not the only one!


It was so sweet to see Mt. Fuji!!!


Anyone can climb Mt. Fuji!

I climbed from a small child to an elderly person and there is no reason not to climb oneself!

A hike?




I think that it understands if the person who has climbed it,


It is not necessary to lick Mt. Fuji!!!


Look sweetly and you will be foiled!!!



This is serious.

You're surprised.


I also had confidence in physical strength, but I felt fatigue as such.


That?Mt. Fuji not tight?


It is noticed from the middle.



I was able to reach the top of the mountain, but I had to overtake a few people.


The person who climbs while being whacked

Do you want to descend now?People discussing

A person who standing with his eyes closed


Clearly, it is tougher than you think!



It is better to climb as few people as possible.

First of all, it is recommended to climb a few as a matter of feelings.

It is likely to break the heart to the hotness more than the expectation when climbing with a light feeling.

If there is a friend who can support each other at such time, how much will it be comfortable?

It will be half-spicy if you talk with your friends rather than continue climbing for more than six hours alone.

By the way, I climbed alone.Lol



2. Try to minimize your luggage

On average, Mt. Fuji is about 6 hours and 10 minutes, and it takes 3 hours and 30 hours to climb.


It is like walking from the morning until the sun sets.Moreover, because it is a mountain, the physical strength will be used more than double in a steep road and dangerous road.

If the baggage is heavier, the body will be supported.

It is natural, but let's bring only a necessary minimum!


The drink is the fifth, 500ml pet bottle, 200 yen.

After the fifth, the mountain hut to the top 500ml of the pet bottle is 500 yen.


!Because water becomes a burden very heavily, if possible, it is better to take a pet bottle of 1ml and prepare it in the style that buys it when it is insufficient.



The weather is changeable, so be sure to prepare your rain gear.

Even in the summer, the temperature is close to zero degrees, so be sure to take measures against the cold!


I wanted to take a photo, so I went with a tripod and a mobile battery, etc. In three lenses quite heavily, but I want to throw away my luggage because I have a sore shoulder.


I was able to climb it with my usual shirt of seven minutes to the ninth lodge near one of the top.


I was the only one who was there.The skin was exposed, lol

Because the ultraviolet rays are very strong, let's not forget the sunscreen!



3. Sickness the heights to avoid being

When you go to high places, the pressure decreases and the oxygen concentration in the air becomes thin, causing pain, nausea, dizziness, etc.

When it comes to sickness, the special Fuji climbing will become a regrettable memory.

Let's get in shape and go climbing so that there is no lack of sleep on the day!

If you climb from the fifth, you need to get used to the body, so let's take a break for more than an hour in the fifth.

Even an hour is not a perfect measure, but it is too boring for me to be quiet at the same place for 2.3 hours as a real problem.Lol

Let's endure the person who is restless for more than one hour.It's time to take a commemorative picture, chat with your friends and do some preparation exercises!

I like my friends.Lol



4. Look at the sore eyes when you climb lightly.

It is better to have a climbing gear for sure.

A pebble pounding on the shoes is also a sneaker, and it can immediately penetrate into shoes.

It becomes Mendokusaku to put out a small stone already separately.

The road is more rugged than expected and there are many places to climb.

It was said that the person who climbed to Mt. Fuji about 250 times, but do not lick Mt. Fuji!

It is.That's really right.

Sticks like a cane?Can be purchased at the newsstand, it seems to be much easier just to have it.

The stamp also becomes a commemoration like touchable in the stick!


Fuji Climbing Wand





There are many foreigners because it is a tourist spot.


More than half

When I climbed over 70%, I was almost a foreigner.


I felt that people from various countries gathered here in Mt. Fuji.


But it is good!!!


There is no such thing as an environment full of people around the world while Japan.


Aim at the same summit!There are hundreds and thousands of groups with the goal of!


Not the best!


It is the best!!!


We're all buddies now.◕ ‿ ◕.)


It is a companion with the same target.


Whether it is a Japanese person or an American France,

Race doesn't matter.

The same human being.


I was alone.

I was able to see a very gentle world this time.


Sunrise from the top of Mt. Fuji



I did not think that there were so many dramas just to climb Mt. Fuji.


The climbing was over, the body was tattered,

My heart was full of happy feelings.


It is a summary of Mt. Fuji this time, but next time we will talk about climbing Mt. Fuji.


Really the best experience!


Please try to climb to the top of the mountain in Japan!


Since there are comments from overseas, we have been summarized for overseas.

I would be happy to be of any help to anyone!


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